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A capacitive touch switch that can be installed behind a plastic (car-) panel to switch on and off interfaces, circuits and/or devices without having to use a visible (undesirable) push button on the dashboard. Examples of uses are to activate/deactivate a video source, camera-monitor system, alarm, radar detection, emergency installation etc.

When you touch the panel section (max thickness 6 mm) behind which the touch key is installed, the corresponding control unit is activated, after which a 12V signal is created (max 1A). Touching the panel section behind which the touch key is installed again causes the circuit to revert to its rest position (0V).

•  Red: +12-15V in (power supply)
•  Black: massa
•  Blue: +12V out (max. 1A)

Touch key:
•  Touch section: 21 x 21 x 9 mm.
•  Cable length: 120 cm.
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