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Audi 3G/4G Camera Video interface

Article code: 300-070

Audi 3G/4G Camera Video interface

€ 247.00 (ex. VAT)


Camera / Video / RGB interface fits in Audi 3G / 4G systems with a color monitor. 

With this interface you have the possibility to get video sources shown on the org. monitor, like rearview camera, DVD, TV, etc. 

The interface has 2 video inputs (activated by NAV button or externall pushbutton) and 1 camera input (auto active by reverse).

Put the gear in Reverse and the interface will switch automatically to rearview camera.

This interface is compatible with Audi cars which have the 4p HSD LVDS connector behind the navi headunit and display.

The driver must not be distracted by moving pictures. By law, watching mobbing pictures while driving is prohibited. This Interface should only be used to display fixed menus or rear-view-cam pictures when the vehicle is moving.